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British National Beehive

Name: British National Beehive

Product Description

 Beekeeping Tools 12 Frame Red Ceder or Pine Wood British National Beehive Bee Box for Beekeeping


British National Bee Hive with Standard Deep Brood Box and 2 Standard Shallow Boxes, assembled. The hive is made from 1st grade Canadian red cedar.

Choose from the options to customise your bee hive.

Includes from the top down:

·Roof, vented and metal clad - choice of 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch or Gabled Roof.

·Crownboard with feeding and clearing holes.

·2 Standard Shallow Super Boxes.

·Standard Deep Brood Box or Extra Deep (14x12 Jumbo) Brood Box.

·Varroa Mesh Floor including 3 way entrance block and sliding inspection tray.



·Choice of roof - 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch or Gabled.

·Choice of feeder can be added - 4 pint rapid feeder with Extra Shallow Box to house it or Ashforth Top Feeder.

·The Standard Deep brood box can be upgraded to an Extra Deep 14x12 brood box if required.

·Contents can be added to fill the 3 boxes which includes:

·22 Shallow and 11 Deep assembled Hoffman Frames fitted with Beeswax Foundation sheets

·2 Shallow and 1 Deep Dummy Boards.

·Be sure the choose the option that matches your choice of brood box

·A Queen Excluder can be added.

·A choice of Hive Stand can be added.

 Item British National Beehive
  Roof size

L*W*H: 477*477*155mm

Open mesh floor

L*W*H: 460*460*65mm


L*W*H: 460*460*150mm


L*W*H: 460*460*225mm

14*12 Brood

L*W*H: 460*460*315mm

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